Discover the Timeless Charm and Irresistible Flavors of Red Arrow Diner

As a cherished institution in New Hampshire’s dining landscape, Red Arrow Diner has served up delicious meals and memorable experiences for over a century! Founded in 1922, the Manchester Red Arrow Diner has stood the test of time, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at its historic location on 61 Lowell Street.

With additional New Hampshire locations in Concord, Londonderry, and Nashua, Red Arrow Diner ensures that hungry patrons across the state can enjoy their favorite flavors whenever cravings strike. Open around the clock, each diner has its own unique physical characteristics and authentic diner feel. 

Each location offers the same quality food, bottomless cups of coffee, and outstanding customer service. Serving round-the-clock breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts, Red Arrow Diner caters to early risers, late-night diners, and everyone in between.

What sets Red Arrow Diner apart is its delicious comfort food along with its warm hospitality and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re craving a stack of fluffy pancakes, delectable chicken tenders, a juicy burger, or a delicious slice of cake or pie, every dish is prepared with care and served with a smile. 

For those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their meal, the exclusive Red Arrow Cocktail menu is available at the Red Arrow Diner ConcordRed Arrow Diner Londonderry, and Red Arrow Diner Nashua; Sunday – Thursday 6am – 10pm and Friday – Saturday 6am to 11pm.

Recently, Red Arrow Diner released a new commercial that captures the essence of what makes dining at Red Arrow Diner so special. Viewers are reminded that “Good food brings people together, so gather your crew any time of the day or night and come enjoy your favorite flavors at the Red Arrow Diner.” It’s not just about the meal, it’s about the memories made around the table. 

Over the years, Red Arrow Diner has received numerous accolades and honors, including being named a City Landmark in 2000 and receiving the Century Club Award from the Manchester Historic Association in 2022. The diner has also been featured on various nationally broadcasted television programs such as the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” and NBC’s “JEOPARDY!”; radio channels such as SiriusXM political channels Patriot (125) and Progress (127); as well as in national publications like USA Today and Food Network Magazine.

But perhaps what truly sets Red Arrow Diner apart is its unwavering commitment to giving back to the community. Through volunteer efforts, pro bono promotions, and financial donations, Red Arrow Diner continues to make a positive impact on the lives of those in the communities it serves.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a first-time visitor, you’re invited to experience the magic of Red Arrow Diner for yourself. Join us in cherishing good food, great company, and the enduring spirit of Red Arrow Diner.

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