Drive-Thru Menu

Red Arrow Diner Londonderry Drive-ThruTo insure fast, convenient service for all of our drive-thru customers, our Red Arrow Diner Londonderry offers a limited menu when using our drive-thru. Please review the list below for available selections.

If you would like something off the full menu that is not listed below, remember that you can still order take-out by either calling ahead or ordering at the hostess desk.


Bagel 1.75
Add Cream Cheese .75

Asiago Bagel 1.75
Add Cream Cheese .75
Muffin 2.25
English Muffin w/ Egg & Cheese 6.75
English Muffin w/ Bacon & Cheese 6.75
English Muffin w/ Sausage & Cheese 6.75
English Muffin w/ Ham & Cheese 6.75
Bagel w/ Bacon & Cheese 7.74
Bagel w/ Sausage 7.74
Bagel w/ Ham 7.74
Asiago Bagel w/ Bacon 7.74
Asiago Bagel w/ Sausage 7.74
Asiago Bagel w/ Ham 7.74
Croissant w/ Bacon 7.74
Croissant w/ Sausage 7.74
Croissant w/ Ham 7.74


BLT 6.25
Turkey Sandwich 7.75
Turkey Sandwich w/ Bacon 7.75
Tuna Salad 4.75
Tuna Salad w/Cheese 5.25
Chicken Salad 5.50
Chicken Salad w/ Cheese 6.00


Coffee 1.85 Small 2.25 Large
Iced Coffee 1.99 Large

Orange Juice

Medium 4.25

Fountain Drinks

Small 2.50
Medium 2.50
Large 2.50
Souvenir Cup 2.75
Bottled Soda 2.50
Bottled Water 2.25


Whoopie Pie 4.50
Dinah Finger 2.25
Eclair 4.99
Slice of Cream Pie 4.99
Slice of Fruit Pie 4.99
Whole Pies 15.99