C-SPAN 2024 Campaign Mugs at Red Arrow Diner


Embark on a journey through political history with the exclusive C-SPAN 2024 Campaign Mugs, now available at Red Arrow Diner! This limited-edition merchandise celebrates the unique partnership between C-SPAN and Red Arrow Diner, where New Hampshire’s political pulse beats strong.

As you sip from your C-SPAN 2024 Campaign Mug, you become a part of the rich history of political visits at the Red Arrow Diner. These diner mugs have the Red Arrow Diner logo on one side, and the C-SPAN 2024 Campaign logo on the other. Whether you are a political aficionado or simply appreciate the history of Red Arrow Diner, the C-SPAN 2024 Campaign Mug is a must-have item. Cheers to history in the making!

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Weight 1.75 lbs