Congressman Will Hurd’s 2024 Presidential Campaign Stop at Red Arrow Diner in Manchester

Congressman Will Hurd visits Red Arrow Diner Manchester New Hampshire during 2024 Presidential campaign. Will Hurd at Red Arrow Diner with Chairman Ager of NH GOP.

As the 2024 presidential campaign continues to gain momentum, Congressman Will Hurd made a stop at the iconic Red Arrow Diner in Manchester to connect with the community and enjoy a hearty breakfast. Welcomed warmly by NH locals and the diner’s staff, Hurd embraced the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with voters from all walks of life.

The Red Arrow Diner has been a popular gathering spot for politicians and locals alike, providing a unique platform for individuals to discuss pressing issues and engage in conversations that matter. Hurd’s visit was no exception, as he took the time to meet with patrons and hear their concerns, stories, and aspirations for the nation.

Throughout his visit, Hurd exhibited a down-to-earth and approachable demeanor, winning the hearts of many who were present. Not only did he relish in the delectable offerings from the 24-hours-a-day menu, ordering up two over medium eggs, hash browns, bacon, and a toasted English muffin for his own breakfast, but he also surprised customers by taking on the role of a server, personally refilling coffee for diners.

Congressman Hurd expressed his gratitude for the warm reception at Red Arrow Diner and the chance to engage directly with the voters of New Hampshire. He stressed the significance of such grassroots interactions in shaping his campaign and understanding the concerns of the people he aspires to represent.

As Congressman Will Hurd continues his presidential campaign journey, his visit to Red Arrow Diner marks a momentous chapter in his pursuit of the nation’s highest office. With the diner’s commitment to open political discourse and the voters’ right to make informed decisions, the democratic spirit thrives in New Hampshire, ready to play its role in shaping the future of the United States.

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The Red Arrow Diner does not endorse any candidate. Our goal is to provide a front row seat to politics so that our customers can meet, ask questions, and decide who deserves their vote. We believe in the American Presidential candidate election process, including the freedom for all types of people to announce their candidacy, and we are honored to play a very small part every four years. The responsibility to decide who is worthy belongs to the voters.