10 Celebrities in New Hampshire You’re Most Likely to Encounter

Kira Lew of WOKQ writes an article about 10 celebrities in New Hampshire you're most likely to see. Sarah Silverman and Adam Sandler enjoy visiting Red Arrow Diner when they're in NH.

Kira Lew, an on-air host of Kira and Logan in the Morning, recently wrote an article that unveils the top ten celebrities you’re most likely to encounter in New Hampshire. Among the prominent figures mentioned in the article, two comedy legends stand out: Sarah Silverman and Adam Sandler. Known for their incredible wit and comedic prowess, both Silverman and Sandler have made the list and share a fondness for the iconic Red Arrow Diner. If you’re eager to discover more about Sarah Silverman and Adam Sandler’s connection to the Red Arrow Diner, read the excerpts below, or click here to dive into the exciting world of celebrity sightings in the Granite State and read the full article on the WOKQ website.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman is a New Hampshire native through and through. She was born in Bedford and raised in Manchester. Her first stand-up comedy appearance was in Boston at the age of 17. She loves Ice Cream from The Puritan, Plays by The New Thalian Players and EVERYTHING from the Red Arrow Diner.

Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler went to school in Manchester and is a frequent customer at the Red Arrow Diner when he’s in town. He often wears memorabilia from his high school days in his films. He used to own a large home in Auburn, NH (not sure if he still does) and likes to spend time by Lake Winnipesaukee in the Summer. People have said his continuous presence should title him the “Where’s Waldo” of New Hampshire.

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