Eater: The Myth of the Amercian Diner

Eater website article by Jaya Saxena called The Myth of the American Diner.

Jaya Saxena of Eater recently wrote an article called The Myth of the American Diner. Within this article, Saxena includes details about Red Arrow Diner, while covering the background and history of diners in the United States of America. Saxena mentions how the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire, has been operating since 1922, and to this day, is still a modest building in place of where the original lunch cart used to be. All four Red Arrow Diner locations offer the true American diner experience, with long counters, swiveling stools, diner food classics, and more.

Saxena also covers how the Red Arrow Diner is a famous stop on the New Hampshire primary trail. For many years, our doors have welcomed politicians and celebrities of all walks of life. Red Arrow Diner welcomes everyone, which is what makes our New Hampshire diners so unique, warm, and inviting.

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