Hippo Press Recognizes Red Arrow Diner for Delicious Whoopie Pies in New Hampshire

Hippo Press recently took a deep dive into whoopie pies and its many sweet variations. In this article written by Matt Ingersoll, he takes a closer look at the whoopie pie and tells you where to go for whoopie pies in New Hampshire. Below is a blurb from this article that describes Red Arrow Diner’s whoopie pies on page 24 of the March 3, 2022 edition of Hippo Press.

The Red Arrow Diner (61 Lowell Street, Manchester, 626-1118; 112 Loudon Road, Concord, 415-0444; 137 Rockingham Road, Londonderry, 552-3091; 149 Daniel Webster Hwy, Nashua, 204-5088; redarrowdiner.com) offers classic whoopie pies, as well as red velvet and pumpkin whoopie pies that are available seasonally.

Click here to read the entire ‘Whoopie!’ article (pages 22-25) in Hippo Press.