Red Arrow Diner’s Rising Star: Chris Davis Featured In the Kitchen with Hippo Press

A cook at Red Arrow Diner Chris Davis interviewed by Mya Blanchard of Hippo Press. Red Arrow Diner featured in In the Kitchen July Hippo Press.

The culinary world is no stranger to hidden talents waiting to be discovered, and Red Arrow Diner‘s very own Chris Davis is a perfect example. In a recent edition of Hippo Press on July 13, 2023, the “In the Kitchen” section shined a spotlight on Red Arrow Diner cook, Chris Davis. As a self-taught cook, Davis shared his journey, experiences, and favorite kitchen secrets with Mya Blanchard for In the Kitchen with Hippo Press.

Originally hailing from the vibrant state of Arizona, Chris Davis decided to make a life-changing move to New Hampshire to be closer to his family. With no prior experience in the culinary arts, Chris courageously stepped into the Red Arrow Diner’s bustling kitchen, leaving behind a diverse resume that included stints as a mechanic, contractor, and construction worker. Eager to explore new horizons, he embarked on a culinary adventure that would soon captivate the taste buds of Red Arrow Diner’s patrons.

In this In the Kitchen with Hippo Press interview, Chris Davis revealed some fascinating insights into his culinary world. Check out the questions Blanchard asked Davis:

  1. What is your must-have kitchen item?
  2. What would you have for your last meal?
  3. What is your favorite local eatery?
  4. Name a celebrity that you would like to see eating in your restaurant?
  5. What is your favorite thing on the menu?
  6. What is the biggest food trend in NH right now?
  7. What is your favorite thing to cook at home?

“In the Kitchen with Chris Davis” was penned by the talented writer, Mya Blanchard, from Hippo Press. The article delves into the passion and dedication that Chris brings to his role at Red Arrow Diner, and it’s a delightful read for any food enthusiast.

For those eager to dive into the full interview and discover more about Chris Davis’s culinary journey, head over to the online edition of Hippo Press. Uncover the inspiring story of how a “jack of all trades” found his calling in the world of cooking and has since been wowing diners at the beloved Red Arrow Diner.

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or simply appreciate a heartwarming success story, Chris Davis’s tale is bound to leave you with a newfound admiration for the culinary arts and the passionate souls who bring flavors to life on our plates.