New Hampshire First in the Nation Tradition Continues

New Hampshire First in the Nation license plate. NHGOP, POTUS candidates push back on claim FITN is being overlooked in NH.

In a recent NH Journal article by Michael Graham, the question is asked of whether or not New Hampshire is being overlooked by Republican presidential campaigns as they prioritize Iowa over New Hampshire, as a story by Associated PressSteven Peoples suggests. Peoples compared ad spending in Iowa versus New Hampshire, suggesting that presidential hopefuls are prioritizing their efforts in Iowa over New Hampshire due to higher ad spend. The Granite State GOP dismissed this idea as misguided, enforcing that New Hampshire has a smaller population. Also, plenty of candidates have visited New Hampshire on multiple occasions, with thirteen POTUS candidates visiting the Red Arrow Diner. Neil Levesque, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, even said: “I don’t know what to say other than this just isn’t true. There are so many candidates meeting voters in New Hampshire that it’s hard to actually eat a meal at the Red Arrow Diner.”

This just goes to show that New Hampshire is still at top of mind for the First in the Nation Primary. Republican candidates are not ignoring the Granite State, and in fact, every Republican candidate other than former President Donald Trump has committed to participate in the New Hampshire GOP’s First in the Nation (FITN) Leadership Summit next month.

In summary, New Hampshire is still at the heart of the First in the Nation Primary. Candidates can meet NH voters at the Red Arrow Diner, a must-stop visit for anyone trying to make their way to the White House.

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