Red Arrow Diner Featured in the NH Chronicle Primary Eats Segment

As the New Hampshire Primary approaches, NH Chronicle is gearing up for a special piece titled “Primary Eats”. This unique segment will explore the rich history of presidential candidates dining and campaigning across the Granite State. One of the must-stop destinations on the New Hampshire political trail is the iconic Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, NH.

Red Arrow Diner Co-Owner Amanda Wihby interviewed by Jean Mackin of WMUR-TV for NH Chronicle Primary Eats segment.

The original Red Arrow Diner is a Manchester landmark and has become a staple for presidential candidates seeking a taste of local flavor and a chance to connect with voters. With our classic diner ambiance and hearty menu, we have witnessed countless campaign moments over the years. In fact, we are proud to have hosted every recent president for the past 30+ years! The real magic of New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary is the direct accessibility to NH residents. This accessibility is why we take pride in providing our customers a front-row seat to politics during the primary and the ability to play a part in the national election cycle.

Jean Mackin of WMUR made a quick stop at Red Arrow Diner for a NH Chronicle Primary Eats interview with Co-Owner Amanda Wihby. During the interview, they discussed why the Red Arrow Diner is a must-stop for any presidential candidate in the New Hampshire race. In fact, a presidential hopeful was onsite for the interview. Jason Palmer had planned to visit Red Arrow earlier in the day, then decided to stick around for the NH Chronicle filming.

The NH Chronicle Primary Eats segment featuring the Red Arrow Diner is scheduled to air on the big night of the New Hampshire primary, January 23, 2024. This piece promises to be a delightful and insightful addition to the Primary coverage at Red Arrow Diner. Tune in on January 23rd for a taste of New Hampshire’s political history served up with a side of Red Arrow Diner charm.

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The Red Arrow Diner does not endorse any candidate. Our goal is to provide a front row seat to politics so that our customers can meet, ask questions, and decide who deserves their vote. We believe in the American Presidential candidate election process, including the freedom for all types of people to announce their candidacy, and we are honored to play a very small part every four years. The responsibility to decide who is worthy belongs to the voters.