Red Arrow Diner – a 24-hour, sit-down dining option – proposed for Loudon Road in Concord

Red Arrow Diner Concord PlansCheck out the plans for our Concord location on Loudon road, and a quick write up by the Concord Monitor about location and plans!

“Concord’s slim late-night dining scene could get a boost if the city becomes the fourth community in the state to host a 24-hour Red Arrow Diner. An application submitted to Concord’s planning board proposes razing one of two adjacent gas stations on Loudon Road and replacing it with an all-night diner. If the plan comes to fruition, it could mark a first for a city where late-night revelers have no alternative to fast-food drive-thrus. The Sunoco gas station that would disappear, on the other hand, is one of five in a three-mile stretch.” Article Monitor staff (Twitter @NickBReid.)

Check out the rest of the article at the Concord Monitor

These images were included among plans submitted to the Concord planning board. They were developed by the Bedford-based firm Keach Nordstrom Associates for Aranosian Oil. KEACH NORDSTROM ASSOCIATES INC—For Aranosian Oil