Red Arrow Diner Shares 100-Year History During Interview with Rob Schmitt of Newsmax TV

On Friday, April 28, 2023, Red Arrow Diner Co-Owner, Amanda Wihby, was interviewed live by Rob Schmitt of Newsmax TV. During the interview, they covered how the former President, Donald Trumpvisited Red Arrow Diner in Manchester NH the day before. As stated in the interview, the Red Arrow Diner was happy to welcome Trump during a busy political season, as we would with any other politician and presidential candidate. Red Arrow Diner welcomes everyone from any political affiliation and is proud to have a front row seat to politics in New Hampshire. NH citizens can come to Red Arrow Diner to meet candidates and shake their hands. Watch the full interview with Rob Schmitt of Newsmax TV below or click here to watch on the Newsmax website.

Welcome back! Former President Trump stopped by the famous Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire yesterday after his big speech. One of the most prominent dishes on the menu at the diner is called the Trump Tower Burger. For years, the Red Arrow Diner has been a landmark go-to spot for politicians and celebrities alike, especially during election season. Which, basically started now.

Amanda Wihby is the Co-Owner of the diner and Amanda joins us now. Thank you so much for coming on. What was the energy like yesterday when the former president walked through the door?

The energy was very positive and quite patriotic. Thank you for having me.

Of course. Tell us a little bit about the diner. Obviously, you guys get a lot of traffic there, especially during the political season, I imagine.

Yes, in fact, every president in recent history has come through our diner at some point during their campaign. President Trump visited our diner in 2016, and that’s where the Trump Burger got its name.

How many Trump Burgers were ordered yesterday by the former President?

He ordered five Trump Burgers and took home four of our award-winning pies and lots of other desserts for his campaign staff.

That’s great, and you’ve had all these presidents there. How long have you been in business?

We just celebrated our 100 year at this location, we have three other locations, and the current ownership has been in business for 35 years.

That’s very cool. Let me just ask you one last question here. As the owner of a diner, that has this much politics around it, in a state that is this political as an early primary state, do you guys have to stay politically neutral?

Yes, we welcome everybody to the diner on both sides of the aisle. We love to have the first in the nation here where any citizen can come and vet the candidate and shake their hand. We’re very proud to be the front row seat of politics down here.

I expected that answer. Amanda, thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate it.