Owners of Red Arrow Diner Discuss New Hampshire Primary on Fox News Your World Cavuto

New Hampshire’s Historic Diner Provides a Platform for Presidential Candidates

The Red Arrow Diner, a renowned establishment in New Hampshire since 1922, has become an essential stop for presidential candidates during the state’s primary elections. With a rich history of hosting famous political figures such as Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, and President Trump, our diner has become a focal point for retail politics in the region. Recently, the co-owners of Red Arrow Diner, Carol Lawrence and Amanda Wihby, were invited to share their experiences on Fox News‘ Your World Cavuto.

In a lively interview conducted by Fox News Correspondent, Mark Meredith, Carol and Amanda discussed the unique atmosphere and significance of Red Arrow Diner during the presidential campaign season. When asked about the candidates’ visits, Carol expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “It is so fun. There’s a hustle and bustle with the Red Arrow. I think the candidates come here [because it’s a] focal point in the community. It’s fun.” The excitement and energy surrounding the Red Arrow Diner during this time are palpable, as locals and visitors alike flock to the diner hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite political figures.

Curious about the potential weariness that might arise from the constant influx of politicians, Mark questioned whether Carol and Amanda ever tire of the visits. Carol swiftly replied, “The people come here looking for them. We don’t get tired of it.” She further explained that although some regular customers may express frustration, the overall ambiance created by the candidates’ presence is cherished by the staff and customers alike. The Red Arrow Diner embraces the spirit of political engagement, encouraging its regulars to temporarily avoid those particular days if they prefer a quieter experience.

Amanda then highlighted the importance of diner culture in New Hampshire and the Northeastern United States. She emphasized that the candidates’ interactions with voters at the counter, engaging in genuine conversations and sharing their stances on various issues, have made a significant impact on the local community. New Hampshire voters value honesty and appreciate the opportunity to meet and hear directly from the candidates, especially since many are still undecided.

As the 2020 presidential primary was well underway at the time of the interview, Mark mentioned that the results would soon be revealed. However, amidst the anticipation, the Red Arrow Diner continues to offer not only delicious food but also a unique space where politics and food naturally intertwine. The Red Arrow Diner stands as a testament to the significance of retail politics and the enduring connection between politicians and the local community.

To watch the interview and witness the lively atmosphere of the Red Arrow Diner, watch the YouTube video below:

Click the video above and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of the Red Arrow Diner during the 2020 presidential primary in New Hampshire. Experience the intersection of politics and culinary delights that make our historic diner an essential stop for candidates seeking to connect with voters in an intimate setting.

So, whether you are a passionate political observer, a food enthusiast, or simply intrigued by the unique intersection of these worlds, make sure to visit the Red Arrow Diner during the next presidential primary cycle. Indulge in the delicious Red Arrow Diner menu, engage in conversations with fellow patrons, and immerse yourself in the spirited atmosphere that has captivated presidential hopefuls for decades.