Red Arrow Diner Hosts NH Chronicle: Home at Last

Red Arrow Diner was honored to host NH Chronicle’s Home at Last Segment with their 50th child feature since they first began profiling NH kids in need of homes in 2014. In this video, Jackie has a magical day with a fairy-themed photoshoot. Then, they finish off the day by celebrating with desserts and pies at Red Arrow Diner! Check out Red Arrow Diner’s feature on NH Chronicle at the 5:55 mark.


Someone can make her biggest dream come true. ♪ >> Once upon a time, in a forest not too far away, a teenager named Jackie had a fairytale of a day. Jackie: I feel like a goddess right now. >> A photo shoot with sparkling wings and falling leaves. Jackie: Oh, my gosh the wind is blowing. >> It is time to focus on the 15-year-old. Jackie: perfect. >> Who wants to find her happily ever after. Her home at last. Jackie wants to be adopted. You want a family that is all your own. Jackie: Yes, I do. ♪ Jackie: I love that one. That one is awesome. >> Before we reveal the final photos, before the first one was even snapped, ♪ >> Jackie’s dream day started with a magical makeover at the spa. >> Jackie is going to get her nails done for the first time. This is going to be really fun, and you deserve it. You deserve a fun day and a dream day. So, you are totally not a little girl. >> She is in good hands with Becky at the lux salon and spa at the Bedford village inn. >> Is this the first manicure you have gotten? It is? Wow. Jackie: This is so cool. I waited for 15 years for this to happen to me. >> If you need anything, let me know. Jackie: Thank you. >> Wonderful. Jackie: Oh, my god. [laughter] >> That’s the royal treatment. Jackie: Ok I’m going to start tearing up. >> Tears of joy is what we like to call it. Jackie: [laughter] >> Jackie is waiting for the joy of her biggest dream coming true. >> What do you think you put on your Christmas list this year? Jackie: the only thing that I actually wanted is like a family so. >> I hope your dreams come true. They will. ♪ >> Oh, my gosh. They are beautiful. So beautiful, Jackie. Jackie: [laughter] >> Now that she is polished, it is time to pose. >> We are keeping Jackie’s eyes closed because we are about to surprise her with her dream photo shoot princess for the day. Jackie: Fairy. >> Fairy for the day. ♪ >> Behind her, a wardrobe fit for a fairyland photo shoot. Jackie: Oh, my gosh. >> This one is really pretty. Jackie: I am tearing right up now. Oh, my god. ♪ >> Photographer Amy Lynn because this a never land shoot. Amy: can you look over your shoulder like this while you — yeah, and then spin. Yes, oh yes, it is amazing. >> Our mix of imagination and fantasy. Jackie: [laughter] >> With a sprinkling of fairy dust, woodland animals will offer in the final draft. She envisions them around her. Amy: Amazing and look that way. Look at the tree. Yes, oh my god. So good. >> Jackie believes it is finally time to find her forever family. Jackie: A forever home. I have wished for that every Christmas. Last year, I wished that. This year, I am wishing it. Yeah. Now, I have more control of who I am and want to be. I am turning 16 soon. I hope I will finally meet you. ♪ >> She has been wanting for a forever home for a while. She has been asking to find that family. I think she is ready. I think she will be a wonderful addition to any family. She just wanting somebody in her life to protect her and keep her safe and help guide her through her teenage years. >> Perfect. I love it and then look up that way. >> I believe there is somebody out there that has a heart that is willing to expand just a little bit bigger. She is happiness and I think she will bring her kindness somewhere. ♪ >> And now, the magical masterpieces, the final edits are in from Jackie’s dream photo shoot. ♪ >> It is time to celebrate in style. With desserts at the red arrow diner. We have to earn each bite. >> Drop it down. >> One of their owners, George, gives us a lesson on making their famous pies. >> Ready? Oh, no, oh no, no. We are going to try again. Hold on. >> They ran a pastry practice, and some taste testing. We >> >> are getting the hang of it. It is so pretty so far. At least Jackie is. Thankfully, the red arrow provided their professional pies to show off. Isn’t it beautiful? This is the perfect way to top off a perfect day with Jackie and all of her dreams, by finding her own home at last. ♪