Red Arrow Diner Honors Loyal Team Members and Announces Company-Wide Tenure Bonus Benefit

Red Arrow Diner Announces New Tenure Bonus for Loyal Employees
From L to R: Ovidio Pascual, Conor Trumble, Ellen Ryan, George Lawrence, Penny Koski, Mayor Joyce Craig, Carol Lawrence, Amanda Wihby, Tyler Isabelle, Mardoqueo (Anival) Pascual, and David Carter.

Red Arrow Diner honored six longtime employees at a special appreciation event hosted at its flagship Manchester, New Hampshire diner. Penny Koski was recognized for twenty-five years of service while David Carter, Mardoqueo (Anival) Pascual, Ovidio Pascual, Ellen Ryan and Conor Trumble and were recognized for completing ten years of service at the Manchester location. The event was open to the public and all guests received a complimentary meal for joining in on the celebration.

Carol Lawrence, Red Arrow Diner Co-Owner & President, welcomed those in attendance and announced the company-wide tenure bonus which was recently added to the competitive employee benefits package. During this inaugural tenure bonus presentation, each employee was introduced to the crowded diner, their loyalty and performance were publicly recognized, and then received their tenure bonus from Carol and George Lawrence, Red Arrow Diner Co-Owner & Vice President.

The five employees celebrating a ten-year career at the Red Arrow Diner were presented a tenure check of $1,000.00. In addition to her $1,750.00 tenure bonus, Ms. Koski also received a commemorative plaque and her own legacy diner seat plaque which will be installed in the Manchester diner. As an honored guest, Mayor Joyce Craig also recognized Ms. Koski with an official resolution of congratulations in recognition of her 25 years of service.

Red Arrow Diner Honors 25-Year Employee Penny Koski

According to, the restaurant industry has an astronomical amount of turnover, with data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Openings and Labor Turnover Program showing an average churn of around 73%. The commitment shown by Ms. Koski and the five additional commemorated staff members is incredibly special and a testament to the culture at the Red Arrow Diner.

“I am thrilled to recognize employees like Penny for their hard work and loyalty,” said Carol Lawrence, Co-Owner & President of Red Arrow Diner. “Our employees are our most valuable commodity at the Red Arrow Diner. Though the restaurant industry has a reputation for having an ever-revolving door, I am grateful that many of our employees choose to stay and grow their career as a member of the Red Arrow Diner family.”

Red Arrow Diner has consistently shown its commitment and support of its employees through career development, recognition initiatives, competitive benefits, including paid vacation, and philanthropic campaigns. Of course, the leadership team is dedicated to treating each and every one of its employees with respect, kindness and heartfelt appreciation.

The Red Arrow Diner is now hiring for all positions in each of its four locations in Manchester, Milford, Londonderry and Concord. The Red Arrow Diner will be hosting a job fair on June 27th from 11:00am-1:00pm at their Manchester corporate headquarters located at 814 Elm Street. Interested candidates can also apply here: