Voice of America Interview with Red Arrow Diner

Voice of America Spanish Services interview with Red Arrow Diner Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer Amanda Wihby.

Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer Amanda Wihby shares insights into Red Arrow Diner‘s unique role in American politics. In an interview with Yeny Garcia and Salomé Ramírez Vargas of the Voice of America Spanish Service, Wihby discusses Red Arrow Diner’s tradition of hosting presidential candidates, highlighting the intimate atmosphere that allows voters to interact directly with politicians. The article delves into the significance of retail politics and the importance of the New Hampshire primary in shaping the national political landscape. Wihby emphasizes Red Arrow Diner’s commitment to providing a platform for candidates to engage with voters and address pressing issues.

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“Candidates really come here because they can meet and greet their entire constituency base. It’s a great time for them to really win their vote, a great time for people who are not sure, to be able to see their candidate in the place where they can ask questions and get the answers they are looking for,” explained the director of operations, who also manages other subsidiaries in nearby cities in the interior of the state.

New Hampshire, which proudly defends the privilege – enshrined in its state constitution – of hosting “the inaugural primary of the nation” since 1920, is very serious about setting the trend for what will be the rest of the voting to choose the nominee of each party, ahead of the presidential elections in November. The Red Arrow Diner is no different.

“We feel like we’re doing a job for the country. It’s not just for New Hampshire. It’s something that we’re taking very seriously in hopes that we can get those (candidates’) responses out there for other people to share,” Wihby said.

As Red Arrow Diner continues its legacy of serving traditional American dishes alongside retail politics, Amanda Wihby reflects on Red Arrow Diner’s role as a front-row seat to democracy. From presidential candidates to beloved actors like Kevin Costner, the diner has hosted a diverse array of famous guests, each contributing to our rich history. As the nation looks ahead to future elections, Red Arrow Diner stands ready to welcome candidates and voters alike, offering a space where democracy comes alive over plates of pancakes and conversations that shape the course of the nation.

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