Senator Hassan and General Bolduc Agree – On Pancakes!

Did you watch the Senate Debate on WMUR-TV on Wednesday?

During a lightning round of questions, both candidates for Senate, Senator Maggie Hassan and General Don Bolduc, were asked the following question:

“The Red Arrow Diner just turned 100 years old. When you stop in, what do you like to order?”

Hassan and Boluc agree ... on Red Arrow Diner blueberry pancakes

Click here to watch the full lightning round of questions.

To the shock of many, the two candidates had their first (and only!) agreement of the night. At Red Arrow Diner, both Senator Maggie Hassan and General Don Bolduc like to order blueberry pancakes. In honor of Election Day on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, Red Arrow Diner is offering the following special:

Bi-Partisan Blueberry Pancake Special: Order 3 Blueberry Pancakes for just $3.00 on 11/8/22!

Join us at the Red Arrow Diner on Election Day to enjoy the favorite meal of both New Hampshire Senate candidates.