Governor Asa Hutchinson’s Return to the Red Arrow Diner

Former Governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, visits Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire. Asa Hutchinson 2024 campaign.

In his return to the iconic Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, Governor Asa Hutchinson once again visited our establishment, demonstrating that some traditions are worth revisiting. On this sunny morning, the aroma of sizzling sausages and freshly brewed coffee filled the air as locals and tourists enjoyed a hearty breakfast in New Hampshire.

Asa Hutchinson’s second visit to the Red Arrow Diner was a welcomed surprise. Our beloved diner has been a fixture of New Hampshire since 1922, serving up hearty, classic American breakfasts and fostering a sense of community that keeps patrons – even politicians – coming back for more.

On this special visit, Governor Asa Hutchinson took a seat at the long, traditional diner counter. His choice for breakfast? Two perfectly scrambled eggs, a side of savory sausage, a slice of wheat toast, and a refreshing glass of orange juice – a classic Red Arrow Diner breakfast that never goes out of style.

Once Governor Hutchinson placed his order, the Red Arrow Diner staff sprung into action. In a matter of minutes, a steaming plate of fluffy scrambled eggs, plump sausages, and crisp wheat toast was placed in front of him. The Governor enjoyed each bite with the relish of someone savoring not only delicious food but also a strong sense of and iconic diner atmosphere.

After finishing his meal, Asa Hutchinson took a moment to chat with the waitstaff and express his appreciation for the warm welcome he received. Here at Red Arrow Diner, we pride ourselves on our friendly and personable service, and it’s clear that this energy left a lasting impression on the Governor.

Red Arrow Diner has been a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike for over a century. Our enduring appeal lies not only in our delicious, no-frills fare, but in the connections and memories forged within out cozy, retro confines. Governor Asa Hutchinson’s return to our historic eatery reaffirmed the importance of cherished traditions and the simple pleasures of life.

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