North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum Visits New Hampshire

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum running for 2024 president visits Red Arrow Diner in Manchester New Hampshire. Famous visitors at Red Arrow.

On a brisk morning in Manchester, Governor Doug Burgum, accompanied by his campaign team, entered the bustling Red Arrow Diner to connect with locals and indulge in a hearty breakfast. While this stop wasn’t an official campaign event, it allowed Doug Burgum to connect with the heartbeat of the community in a genuine and unassuming manner. The Red Arrow Diner epitomizes the vibrancy of American diners, making it the perfect backdrop for Doug Burgum’s most important meal of the day. As he indulged in his breakfast, Doug Burgum’s choice of the Reuben Hashbrown Special spoke volumes about his approachability and his desire to connect with local traditions. Served with over easy eggs and a side of sourdough bread, Doug Burgum enjoyed the Reuben Hashbrown Special with a refreshing glass or orange juice.

Doug Burgum also took the opportunity to engage with fellow diners amid the clinking of cutlery and the aroma of iconic comfort food. This impromptu visit was a testament to his commitment to understanding the heart and soul of the community, one hearty breakfast at a time. Governor Doug Burgum’s spontaneous visit to Red Arrow Diner allowed him to relish a classic breakfast in busy downtown Manchester, New Hampshire.

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