Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Returns to Red Arrow Diner with New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visits Red Arrow Diner in Londonderry NH. DeSantis visit to New Hampshire with wife Casey DeSantis and son Mason DeSantis.

Numerous media sources reported on Governor Ron Desantis’ visit to the Red Arrow Diner with Governor Chris Sununu. Click an outlet name to view their coverage: Forbes Breaking News, Fox News, NH Journal, NHPR, New Hampshire Union Leader, New York Post, The Messenger, USA Today, WMUR-TV.

At the end of October, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made his second visit to the iconic Red Arrow Diner in 2023. Instead of returning to the Manchester Red Arrow Diner, he chose to make a pitstop in Londonderry this time. And he was far from alone. Joining him was none other than the New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, as well as Governor Ron DeSantis’ wife and son. To the delight of many onlookers, his son ordered our famous pancakes.

Red Arrow Diner, a New Hampshire institution with a history dating back to 1922, has been a favorite stop for politicians and food enthusiasts alike. Known for our classic diner ambiance and hearty comfort food, it’s no wonder that figures like Governor Ron DeSantis and Governor Sununu have found themselves drawn to our warm, inviting atmosphere.

Governor Ron DeSantis, who is well-known for his conservative values and vocal stance on various national issues, seemed to relish the opportunity to connect with New Hampshire residents once again. His initial visit to Red Arrow Diner had garnered significant attention, and his return was eagerly anticipated. Governor Sununu, who has served as New Hampshire’s Governor since 2017, was a fitting host for DeSantis during his visit.

Adding to the warmth of the occasion, Governor Ron DeSantis’ wife, Casey DeSantis, was present, as well as DeSantis’ son, Mason DeSantis. Mason ordered Red Arrow Diner’s renowned pancakes, which are known for their fluffy texture.

Red Arrow Diner has long been a quintessential New Hampshire experience, and it was a perfect backdrop for a meeting between two influential governors and their families. It’s clear that the diner offers more than just great food – it’s a place where political leaders and community members can come together to discuss important issues and celebrate the values they hold dear.

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