The Origin of Red Arrow Diner’s Name

Below is an excerpt from a recent article by John Angelo on Manchester Ink Link where John explores the origin of the diner’s name. Click here to view the full article on the Manchester Ink Link website.

Manchester’s Red Arrow Diner will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in October, but did you know it’s named after the formerly-adjacent Red Arrow Garage which specialized in Cadillacs? You can catch a “Diner Dish of the Decade” now and the 11 platters also match the 11 different Manchester eatery names the diner has gone under. These include the former Red Arrow Bakery on Amory Street and the Red Arrow Inn and Café. If you fell asleep over your midnight pancakes they’d tuck you in.

Correction: While the Red Arrow Diner did have several affiliated businesses over the years, the current Diner Dish of the Decade promotion to celebrate its 100th anniversary solely corresponds to popular foods of each of its 11 decades. For example, the 1990s rise in popularity of both poutine and Ranch salad dressing is the inspiration for September’s special: customers can add a side order of poutine for free with the purchase of a chicken Ranch roll-up.