Our Own Newton Burger Featured on NH Chronicle

Sean McDonald and NH Chronicle recently went on a statewide Monster Sandwich hunt – their first stop? Manchester’s Red Arrow Diner. Sean met with Co-owner and Chief Operations Officer Amanda Wihby and Chef Matt Hurley to learn just what makes the Newton Burger so special.

Calling it a “Fortress of Fromage,” Sean was wowed by the grilled cheese, burger, mac ‘n cheese combo that’s made the Newton Burger such a customer favorite. Check out the story below, which also features some fantastic eats by other New Hampshire restaurants, from Merrimack to Ossipee!

NH Chronicle: Serving up monster sandwiches

Sean digs into sandwiches so big they could use their own zip code!

The sandwich has come a long way since the 1700s when John Montagu is believed to have invented it and tonight Sean McDonald checks out some locally made creations that are more legend than lunch.

Sean McDonald: Tonight, we check out some locally made creations that are more legend than lunch. The first stop on our eating expedition, the Manchester staple known as the Red Arrow Diner.

Amanda Wihby: We’re known for being the place where people come together. Doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you do, you come here and enjoy quality, home-cooked meals.

Sean: One of those meals is a bready behemoth known as the Newton Burger. Can you describe what the Newton Burger is?

Amanda: So, in place of the burger buns, it’s two grilled cheese sandwiches, a seven-ounce patty of burger meat, and a fried mac and cheese ball with cheese sauce.

Sean: Chef Matt Hurley took us through the construction process. With fried mac and cheese, multiple grilled cheeses, and, yes, more cheese sauce, you may wonder, where did this fortress of fromage come from? Well, the Red Arrow features a burger bar, where customers create their own burger. One day, a guy by the name of Newton requested this culinary combo.

Amanda: I said, “You know what, we’ll put it on the special board.” Sounds great, he loved it. It took off. Next thing you know, we put it on the menu. People absolutely love it.

Sean: Hello, appetite. Meet Newton. This is the most massive sandwich I’ve ever seen. Here we go. I don’t think I’m going to finish this in one sitting.

Amanda: I don’t know how many can finish it, but there are quite a few that do.