NH Flavors Names Red Arrow Diner as a Favorite Place to Enjoy Pie on Pi Day

We are excited to announce that NH Flavors has named Red Arrow Diner as one of four best places for pie on Pi Day (annually observed on March 14th.)
The article writes,

“I’m here for the dessert.” That’s what Martha Stewart said at her first visit to Red Arrow Diner, according to owner Carol Lawrence. And with more than 35 cakes and pies in rotation (not to mention generous heapings of whipped cream toppings) it’s no question why their desserts are famous!”

What is Pi Day? National Pi Day is a day to celebrate pi (π),  the mathematical ratio that represents a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Is it coincidence that a delicious pie is the shape of a circle? We think not! Pi famously goes on forever without repeating but starts with 3.14 (March 14th.)

We think a little bit of math is the perfect excuse to indulge in this beloved dessert!

Thank you to NH Flavors for including Red Arrow Diner in this super-sweet list!

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