Red Arrow Diner Adds to Improved Concord Infrastructure

Red Arrow DinerAccording to the Concord Monitor one of the most consistent themes in Concord this year was change. Businesses changing hands, closing, and being revamped, along with much anticipated road construction updates.

Red Arrow Diner is proud to be a part of that change! An old unoccupied gas station on Loudon Road has been demolished to make way for our new Red Arrow Diner Concord location. Concord zoning board approved this update in September 2016 and plans have been moving forward ever since.

As the Concord Monitor states, it may be difficult for Concord residents to get excited about road construction and businesses changing hands. But when development of new businesses like our Concord location become the topic of discussion people start to get excited. We certainly are!

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Article Monitor staff (Twitter @NickBReid.)

BREAKING NEWS! Red Arrow Diner’s Concord location will be opening on July 14th!