Red Arrow Diner appears as clue on Jeopardy!

In case you missed it, Red Arrow Diner was clue on Jeopardy! on Tuesday, May 28th. We appeared in a category titled ‘Eastern Seaboard’ for the $800 Daily Double clue. Luckily, the contestant knew his diners and answered the question correctly!

The clue was: “White House hopefuls visit the Red Arrow Diner in this New Hampshire city that’s on the Merrimack River.”

Of course, we all know the answer is Manchester!

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Take a chance to see those White House hopefuls and stop by Red Arrow Diner as the 2020 primaries heat up! You never know; you may just have the opportunity to shake the hand of the next President of the United States! Click here to see our 2020 primary photos!